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Track sleep, movement, HRV, temperature, SpO2 for optimal health with sleek and stylish design.


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Sunrise Rose Gold

Sleep Smarter

With Bonatra's Cutting Edge Smart-Ring Technology

Sleep Score

Sleep Score

Your sleep score is a comprehensive measure of your sleep quality, encompassing various factors like sleep duration, sleep depth, disturbances, and consistency. It provides an overall assessment of how well you slept, helping you understand the effectiveness of your rest and guiding you towards improvements in your sleep patterns. Bonatra Smart Ring X1, Through its high-grade sensors, captures essential sleep metrics like your sleep stages, heart rate variability, and even environmental factors. This data is then meticulously analyzed to generate a sleep score, offering you an insightful evaluation of your sleep quality.

Why do you need bonatra smart ring X1?

The change you need

Ring X1

Ring X1

Wrist Option

Ring X1
No screens, no vibrations, no uncomfortable straps.
Battery life upto 5 days.
Comfortable, ultra - lightweight and water resistant.
Higher accuracy.
Sleep staging accuracy (Deep, REM, Light) comparable to gold standard sleep lab test.

Smart Ring and favorite watch



I used to love my Titan Raga watch but had to let it go for a smart watch to prioritize tracking my health metrics. With the Bonatra Smart Ring X1, I've found the perfect balance. Now, I can effortlessly wear my favorite watch and still keep a close eye on my health journey. It's the best of both worlds, and I couldn't be happier!

The mindfulness features helps me take a pause



Bonatra Smart Ring X1 helps me understand the connection between my sleep and mood, helping me take charge of my mental well being. Small device, big impact - grateful for the positive changes its brought into my life. With the sleep score, I ensure I get enough sleep. The mindfulness feature helps me pause during the day for relieving my stress.

Perfect balance with smart ring x1



As a fitness enthusiast, having real time insights into my activity levels, HRV, sleep quality, and stress levels has been a game changer. The readiness score helps me optimize my workouts, ensuring I push myself when needed and prioritize recovery when necessary

Holistic Health Dashboard

The Bonatra app is your gateway to holistic well-being and better health. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly track your fitness goals, monitor your health metrics, and access personalized insights that empower you to make informed decisions. The app seamlessly syncs with your Bonatra devices, providing a comprehensive overview of your progress and achievements.


Your All-Day Companion

Elevate every facet of your day with the Bonatra Smart Ring X1. Wear it as you exercise, sip your favorite drink, indulge in nourishing meals, tackle daily tasks, immerse yourself in work, pursue cherished hobbies, and even during your sleep. With each activity, the ring helps you gain insights of your body , silently empowering you to make informed choices and celebrate every stride.

All features at your finger

A marvel of versatility packed with an array of exceptional features. Dive confidently upto 50ft. Conquer temperatures between -10°C to 54°C, and maintain seamless connectivity within a 10-meter Bluetooth radius. Store a week's worth of memories, charge fully in a swift 90 minutes, and savour an uninterrupted 4 to 5 days of usage. More than a mere ring, it's your unwavering companion for exploration, connectivity, and holistic well-being, redefining the boundaries of wearable technology.

Water Resistant
upto 50ft
-10°C to 54°C
Bluetooth connectivity
Memory capacity
1 week
Charge timing
90 mins
Battery Life
4-5 days

All Weather Smart Ring

The Smart Ring X1 is meticulously engineered to seamlessly adapt to any weather conditions. From scorching summer days to chilly winter nights, this durable and resilient smart ring remains your steadfast companion. Its robust design ensures it withstands rain, shine, and everything in between.

Water Resistant

In Depth 50.ft

Temperature -10°C to 54°C

Simple. Empowering . Elegant . Futuristic

Rotating Wheel

Discover Mindfulness with Bonatra Smart Ring X1

Elevate your well-being with the Bonatra Smart Ring X1's innovative mindfulness feature. With the mindfulness feature, we've harnessed the power of technology to help you reconnect with your inner self and cultivate a sense of presence.

Unlock a new level of self-awareness


Sleep trends encompass the evolving patterns in your sleep behaviours and experiences. By observing shifts in sleep duration, quality, and other factors over time, you gain invaluable insights into your overall sleep health.

The Bonatra Smart Ring X1 introduces effortless tracking of your sleep trends, enabling you to curate a sleep routine that supports your well-being.


Simply place your device on the sleek and compact dock for 60 minutes, and enjoy a battery life of 4-5 days. With no cords or plugs, this elegant charging solution ensures your Bonatra devices are always ready to empower your journey towards better health.

Redesign your health

The Bonatra Smart Ring X1 is designed with hypoallergenic medical-grade resin, ensuring extended wear without irritation. Crafted with utmost attention, this high-quality material ensures comfort against your skin, making your wear experience as smooth and gentle as possible.

Crafted to refocus your attention on yourself

Rediscover the art of self-care and mindfulness through the ingenious design of the Bonatra Ring. With each glance at your hand, let the Bonatra Smart Ring nudge you towards mindfulness, urging you to take a moment for yourself.



Discover your sleep insights when you wake up.

The Sleep Index, intelligently designed to be your sole metric for sleep health, assesses your total sleep duration, resting heart rate, and restfulness, creating a comprehensive picture of your sleep quality.


Temperature tracking made easier.

Skin temperature is vital for measuring your body's physiological states and responses to various factors, including exercise, stress, and illness.




Unparalleled Accuracy

Harness the power of high-precision sensors for reliable and consistent health data tracking.

Continous monitoring

Stay informed 24/7 with real-time data, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

Sleek Design

Bonatra Smart Ring X1 is designed aesthetically to offer a holistic and stylish elegance to your well-being.

Durable Material

Ring X1 minimalist design is crafted with premium materials to ensure both durability and comfort.

Take Charge with Ring Insights

Embrace a dynamic journey fueled by the power of ring insights. From recognizing a restorative night's sleep to unveiling your readiness score for the day ahead, these subtle cues keep you on your toes.

Seamlessly integrated into your life, the ring becomes a trusted companion, guiding you toward a day of optimized potential. With each insight, you're armed with the knowledge to seize opportunities and make the most of every moment. Let these insights be your secret weapon in the pursuit of an invigorated life.





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Note: The preferred finger for the ring to be worn is the index finger.